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About us

Indoor Golf Arena® is an initiative of Outstanding Enterprises and its Managing Director Jon Standing.

Indoor Golf Arena® is to be the world’s largest, most unique and divers indoor golf training centre, open 365 days a year and offering high quality indoor golf training facilities.

Indoor Golf Arena® is both complementary to, as well as an alternative for, outdoor golf. Indoor Golf Arena® aims to become the golfing heart of The Netherlands, and wants to ensure that the way golfers perceive golf, regardless their experience or capabilities, changes. At Indoor Golf Arena®, golfers can work on both their short – and long game the year round.

All aspects of golf will find an unique place under one roof. Individual lessons and golf clinics will be available, under the supervision of highly qualified PGA golf pro’s. By offering high-end bar -, restaurant -, wellness – and golf fitness facilities, as well as a mega-size golf shop, Indoor Golf Arena® will be the perfect accommodation for all golfers in The Netherlands to entertain themselves and perfect their golfing skills.

Indoor Golf Arena® will be the place to be for every golfer. Unique and highly prestigious, and besides a sports centre for the general golfing public, also a top sports centre for golf in The Netherlands.

Indoor Golf Arena® will be “The Ultimate Indoor Golf Experience”.